Amit Shrivastav Bio

Amit Shrivastav is a ‘Specialist’, with Schneider Electric on Collaboration Platform. He loves to work with Products, and this blog is his views on Products, Research and Process Management (CMMi).

Seeing Future – a view about  Unified Communication, Enterprise Social Media, Strategy, Products, Branding, UX and living in it!

Welcome to my first blog. This blog gives me an opportunity to learn as much as possible about Unified Communication, and Products, hence will be talking about Products and Product Management in depth.

Products as I see them… love them… understand them. A place where you would find my reviews on websites, usability and latest trends happening in the world of Mobile Apps.

The views expressed on this blog are my personal opinions, the contents in this blog do not reflect the opinions, ideas, thoughts, points of view, and / or any other potential attribution to any contributor’s, commentator’s, or author’s current, past, or future employers and are intended to provide a comprehensive overview of  Enterprise Social Collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, etc. concepts.

Disclaimer: This blog provides general information & discussions about USability, UX, Enterprise 2.0 which may be from multiple resources, the original author/source will be cited at the best efforts.


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p.p.s. I’m not an expert; but if there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss or give my thoughts on just ask and I’ll try to do the best that I can!

2 thoughts on “Amit Shrivastav Bio

    • Thanks for visiting.

      The primary need for any Organization to go for the CMMi is Business oriented, whether they agree or not. Business is the main driver. To coat this with Quality becomes an essential driving force later on.

      CMMi provides you framework, policies, and procedures which helps in making sure that you are creating and keeping the project on track. And if there is any deviation from what was planned for you get to know at the early stages of life cycle rather than at the later. Also it allows you to make sure that stakeholders are aware of what is happening with-in and across the Organization…with detailed reporting which is another part of CMMi. This is followed by reviews at every stage of your project / product development.

      So in and all though it depends on Org to Org as to what is their driver for implementing CMMi but as a bottom line this is an effort and measures taken up by Organization to make sure that they deliver a better quality product and / or services to their customer, which in turn results in good market value and hence more business.

      An to top that many regions or project have this specific requirement that you can’t bid for them unless you’re CMMi or any other quality standard certified.

      I hope this answers your query. Feel free to get back.


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