Wishes…Desires…or Expectations from urself…whatever you call it, evenryone of us, always has this desire to have a To-Do list…

I always wanted to do something similar.

I am not really one to keep lists of things I want to do. I’ve learned that making lists, having a “plan” tend to normally mess up my ideas and I rarely accomplish anything. But I do believe in putting it out there. If I’ve thought about it long enough, if it intrigues my interest enough, then I should talk about and finally find the strength and guts to do it.

This idea of keeping a bucket list quite interesting. There are many things I want to do in my life  and not all of them have time restrictions. So why not track them as I move along in my journey of writing?

Simple concept and easy enough to do!

Many of these things seem very out of reach for me at this moment but I’m still going to write them down because they are things I’ve wanted to do since as long as I can remember. Plus, as time goes on, I’ll add more/new things I want to accomplish!

  1. Get a certification in Product
  2. Have my own blog over my learning through my entire carrier: Done
  3. Learn Photography (Though I am good at it, but haven’t started following it)
  4. Learn Guitar Moved on from this, focus is now on learning anything which comes in my way!
  5. Become a professional writer – get published
  6. Find the love of my life: This desire is a fiction
  7. See all of India (so far being in India,I haven’t seen much of this beautiful country)
  8. Travel to Europe (My main cities/countries to visit: Italy, Paris, Germany, Switzerland,
  9. Take an all inclusive vacation
  10. Own my own house
  11. Own the latest Merc Don’t get hurt by if people behave irrationally. ( I realized Merc is of no use 🙂 )
  12. Dance to my favorite song with the love of my life beneath the stars
  13. Become a Father

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