How can you generate traffic to a blog

Maintaining a good blog, and getting noticed, only takes a little effort though if you know what you are doing. Let’s see how we can increase traffic to your blog;


This is the most important aspect. There are a million ways to get “followers,” literally you can get thousands with little effort, but it won’t help if they are not staying on your page long enough to read something and/or clicking to your site if you are selling something. Google and other search engines know if followers are made up or just clicking your page and immediately closing. Build good content and they will come… and stay.

2.Search engines

Optimizing your content, as you are likely aware by now, is essential. That doesn’t mean spamming keywords however. The trick is to discover the key phrase most relevant to those you want to read a particular post. Use the word or key phrase in the title if possible or within the first sentence of the post, and again toward the end, the last sentence if possible.

3.Submit your blog to search engines and directories

Search engines have what are called “web crawlers” which if you site is public will eventually find it. With so many sites though, this can take quite a bit of time. Submitting your site or blog speeds up the process. Directories don’t have crawlers, so if you want a site like Yelp or others to know about you, you need to submit it.

4.You should DEFINITELY contact other bloggers

Mostly bloggers read blogs, and they read them (or skim them then add a comment) with the sole purpose of drawing attention to their own blog. It’s not the most precise way to market to your target but has become a necessary evil. Comment when you can on other’s blogs, good blogs that have readers you may want, and even better, guest post when you can.

5. Utilize social network buttons

No matter how good your blog is, it will never have as far a reach as Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Adding these buttons allows users of these social mediums to get updated on their social network accounts—which they will check far more often.

6.Guest posting

This is different than adding comments. Once you’ve connected with bloggers, see if you can guest post on a blog that is relevant to your own. Make sure it’s relevant.


There are almost as many forums as there are blogs. Find one that is relevant to your subject matter and post regularly.

So to generate Traffic to your blog, have a great content, which is interesting to read and has got various people coming over and reading.