The Average Facebook Post Lives 22 Hours And 51 Minutes

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In terms of your ROI from your post on Facebook you should always take in to account the fact ‘how much time’ it is to be seen by fans. But every post has a limited lifespan.

This is the time, your fans see the post in their news feed and may like or comment. But after a certain point, Facebook stops showing the post in their news feed.

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As from PageLever


The chart above, using data from the advanced Facebook page analytics company PageLever, shows that for pages with large fan bases, the shortest post lifespan was 11 to 13 hours. The longest is 50 hours, which is over a weekend.

The ‘impressions’ are a much reliable way as they get updated in an irregular way. Likes are much more reliable, and tend to happen in larger numbers than comments. So likes are the best metric to watch for post-die-off.