Year that was 2011!

Here comes the last day of 2011…the best memories should now be the milestones…the worst failure should now be the learning…mistakes made should now be the lessons…Hope to make 2012 a better and much beautiful year, with better control on self…and developing a habit of ‘Letting few things go”…

This has been a year with mix bag of emotions…few on personal front, few on the professional and yes few on the national level… :). Somewhere in the last quarter of this year, I end up completing my long yearning desire of starting a blog. This blog of mine is my very own place, where I learn, learn, and learn…at the same time share..

Somewhere in the mid of this year, end up losing a relation… precisely on July 16th. And the another setback was the sad demise of my invisible mentor Steve Jobs…Miss you Steve!

Somewhere at the end of second quarter, I had my second desire being fulfilled…to actively participate with an NGO…I am now with “Suparna Ka Aangan”, an NGO for orphan kids, we try to make their life a better place to live.

The fight against corruption has been the talking point this year…with Anna Hazzare being the torch bearer for this fight…and we almost had our moment of passing this as a bill in parliament…but alas! This is why I feel that we had more misses than hits this year.

Professionally a massive learning experience with some of the brightest mind of the industry…

Have made quite a bit of friends, which i thought I was never good at…but to my surprise, have got some very good friends in Priya, Biplav, Sachin T, Anajana, Abhimanyu, Sushil, James to name a few….(Touch wood)

I am a great fan of cricket…and having seen India winning the World cup…made this year a notch up to be on the positive side…

Few of the things which I would definitely like to do in coming year…

1. Have my own website

2. Make Blog bigger and better

3. Add many more good friends

4. Go for a vacation 🙂

5. Want to watch 2013 New Year’s eve 2013 Square Ball!

With this wishing you all a Very Happy and prosperous New Year…GOD BLESS!