Its not just the change in ‘Logo’ – it has more to it!

Recently Google changed its logo, and well like anyone else I also loved it. I went over quite a few article and also watched the video which talked about Google transition from ‘Blue lines’ to this new ‘Serif “Free” Logo’!Wait a second…”Serif Free”? What does Google and its new logo has to do with it…actually a lot!

Before I go in more detail; did you ever happen to open Google on a low bandwidth internet connection –

If you are using a low-bandwidth connections you would see not the image version of the logo but a close text approximation which is created using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), Actually SVG is the best file format, and more and more logos are now appearing using SVG.

Image 1

In the above image the one marked as SVG is for low bandwidth!

How much Google pays attention to detail and being ‘Pixel Perfect’ which actually is a learning for Product Managers, Designers, and UX researchers; read this:

The new design allowed Google to optimize the assets for its size and latency.

This new logo actually is of only 305 bytes where as compare it with older one – 14,000 bytes! Now this is the reason why Google for slow internet connections served a text version of the logo. This is amazing thinking!

This is how it works after the new logo came in to picture:


So Google actually got rid of Serifs. Serif actualy has tiny decorative lines attached to the edges of many of the letters which help your eyes with readability when you’ve got a lot of text. But serifs are not as useful on text that needs to be shown at many different sizes, like: Logos!

They also don’t scale; if you ever happen to see the ‘g’ fav icon; you would easily resemble it to 8; the more you shrink ‘Serif’ the more spindly letterforms start to disappear, and when it’s really tiny, it’s essentially useless.

Fonts says a lot! So do I love them 🙂

Read more:


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