-Beyond just Link shortening-Usability on for a toss!

On March 29th, Bit.Ly came up with an update and redesign of its link shortening service which in turn for many of its users de-emphasized the core features of the Product. was used to be about copy and pasting a link and now you need to go a few extra step to reach out to your small short and sweet URL.

For me has always been the “tool you cannot live without”, even when the thing you use has a built in shortener like Hootsuite…

I am wondering the mindset behind this, and when faced with irks and complaints from majority of its users this is what its CEO has to say, ”

“It’s the response from the vocal minority who are quick to complain about any change.”…Ouch!

This hurts…and yes I am part of this vocal minority…had it been an add-on, an additional feature by keeping the core feature alive, I would have been ga-ga over this but this…a no-brainer…

You should listen to your users even the nagging ones…some of my best ideas have come from whining, nagging users..

When the entire core feature of product was to shorten the url in one click…why would you take that away…and for other features like bookmarking why wouldn’t I go to Delicious or some other site…

For now I refer as an alternative for

P.S: As of this writing we do now have a special URL which says “Just want to shorten a link?”, and hence retains the main core feature…somehow common sense prevailed…


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