UX Principles – Top 4 for my products

While talking about UX principles, I in my product always would go for the following:

Fast : My product should response to any input that has been given by user in sub-300 millisecs

Assistive: You should always give user something to react to, don’t force them to generate their own content

Clear and concise messaging : Always, make sure you’re guiding your users to respective paths on a regular basis. People don’t want to stay on and stray around!

Simplicity: A 1% PM knows how to get 80% of the value out of any feature or project with 20% of the effort. They do so repeatedly, launching more and achieving compounding effects for the product or business.


3 thoughts on “UX Principles – Top 4 for my products

    • Thanks Sachin.

      Picture this: You are on your way to Sign up for a website, and during registration you are not told as to what type of password you should be taking…
      You stumble up on any website which talks about Rewards and Loyalty point redemption but does not assist you in making your decision

      This is where you as a user in first case would do a “Hit and Trial” method of choosing your password, and in second case you would run around the website to understand the reward mechanism.

      Best would have been to provide you something like:
      For Case 1: Password (6-20 characters)
      For Case 2: A tipsy note communicating on mouse-over about the mechanism that site use for loyalty point redemption.

      Wish this helps, cheers


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