Google Drive Launched Today – Review

Highly anticipated…thought to be a game changer…Google Drive…is launched today!

You can try Google Drive now at


The app is now available for download and I did install it, it created a folder on my computer that acts as shared synced folder for me. All of my Google Docs appeared as “icons” in the folder.

Though from ‘Usage’ perspective..yes Google Drive is +1, but from usability perspective ‘iDislike’.

I personally review any new products under three categories:

Usability, Usability, and Usability. Nothing beyond this, nothing less than this! And exactly this is where GoogleDrive fails!

1. Poor installation flow

This is not at all what I expected form Google. Just doesn’t fit the bill! And this is exactly where Dropbox scores way above. The entire procedure with GoogleDrive is just not seamless.

2. UI : Pretty novice – Not the Google We know off!

Does not look like English has been given importance in GDrive. The sentences just not make you feel at ease! Another thing was the placement of labels and check boxes…its just that it does not make sense…may be because Google doesn’t have expertise in making a desktop app!

3. Enable Offline view : Takes you to Google products page -> What to do from there?

This was massive issue : You click on Enable Offline View, and you eventually end up on Google Products page 😦

4. Win 7 got hanged…while it started Syncing docs!

After installation, during the Sync…the system just stopped responding, there was no communication from GoogleDrive as to what was happening with my system…no status on whether sync was over or not!

Now these are the points from Usability perspective. On the functionality side it is definitely a +1

You can have free accounts of 5GB space and can upgrade to 25GB for $2.49 a month. One hundred gigabytes of storage can be acquired for $4.99 a month, and 1TB will set you back $49.99 monthly. Upgrading to a paid account will also boost the available storage space on your GMail account to 25GB.

Here is the Comparison of popular Cloud storage providers- Courtesy- TechCrunch

And as a bonus: Click here

Posted by Nicholas Behrens, Software Engineer (Courtesy, we’re happy to announce that we’re increasing everyone’s free storage in Gmail from 7.5 GB to 10 GB (and counting) to celebrate today’s launch of Google Drive. The increase will take effect over the next 24 hours. We hope you all enjoy the little bump!
In all a perfect a good attempt from Google, but a lot needs to be thought through!

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