Bi-Directional Traceability Matrix – CMMi

What is Requirement Tracebility Matrix?
Today Let’s talk about the requirements traceability matrix in a bit detail? Please realize that traceability matrix is among the few very important component associated with CMMi process areas.

What is Vertical and Horizontal Requirement Tracebility Matrix?

Requirements traceability is the ability to relate your requirements with one another and with aspects of other project artifacts. The primary goal for RTM is to ensure that all of the requirements identified by your stakeholders have been met and validated.

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I personally feel that RTM is a great idea in quite a few situations.

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There are two types of Traceability Matrix:

  • Vertical traceability is an aspect which identifies the origin of requirements (for example, customer needs) and follows these requirements as they evolve through your project artifacts, typically from requirements to design, to the source code with the help of which you implement the design, and then the test cases / test plan that validate the requirements.
  • Horizontal traceability identifies relationships among similar items, such as between requirements itself. This enables us to anticipate major problems, such as assuming two subteams implementing the same requirement in two different components. To understand this better,lets take a very easy example for creating a ‘Single-Sign-On’ functionality. the requirement here remains similar but you implement it across various platforms.Hence a traceability is often maintained bidirectionally: You should be able to trace from your requirements to your tests and from your tests back to your requirements.
In short and simple words if a requirement or any work product changes and it will affect some other work product, potentially affecting the value you deliver, then it’s probably something that should be part of requirement traceability matrix.

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