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Ironically, though resourcing the product team members is a very important and significant part of a project manager’s role, not much focus is placed on resourcing. Because of this, we’ve encountered many project managers that are overwhelmed, worn out, and in many ways, well ineffective. Who to blame for?

In my own projects, I have been so very little blessed with good resourcing, and I am not talking from the perspective of ‘Skills’, I’m talking about manpower! 30% here, 10% there, 10 % I don’t know where, and remaining 50 % of the same resource already is planned for some other projects! Seems familiar…wow! look at the smiling faces of few PMs around 🙂

So rather than giving ‘Gyan’, let me ask you a very simple question, and before that; Resourcing is not just ‘Man-power’, resourcing includes, but not limited to, manpower, equipment, methods etc. So my question would be:

How do you plan for the necessary facilities? How do you plan for the necessary staff?

The top-level WBS, remember we developed it under estimation mechanism is typically explained / expanded by decomposing the top levels into small workable items that that can be separately assigned, performed, and tracked.

Now as this may be seen as additional work, but believe me, always remember to ‘Break-it-down’, this is so very important in our estimation and resource allocation methods.

You can or in fact should assign WBS a unique identifier (e.g., number) to permit tracking. A WBS generally is based on requirements, activities, work products, or a combination of these items.

So to answer the question that I asked, You do it this way:

You can provide excerpt from Project Plan (Say Project Delivery Approach), the MS project plan, or any other means of WBS of the project plan that identifies the need, available tools, schedule and budget etc.

You should provide excerpt from Project Plan that identifies staffing need, available staff resource, and plan for recruiting etc.

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