InstantMeeting iPhone and InstantMeeting Enterprise – A trend setter in the world of Conference Call

A lot has happened in the world of communication since we last posted talked about Plantronics InstantMeeting. This time Plantronics updated its InstantMeeting app to allow iPhone users and enterprise users to connect to conference calls on their calendar with one tap, much like Android and BlackBerry users have been doing for almost a year.

Apart from quite a few useful features, one of the best that impress me upon a lot, is of a reminder, and that too a customized reminder. Picture this, you are in mid of lot of chaos, your product is supposed to go live, you are running around various blocks to get your work done, streamlined and you just forget that you do have an important status meeting with your CEO…Ooopsss, sound familiar! Well yes, for most of us this and many other such scenarios have been quite a daily routine. This is where InstantMeeting helps you, with what they call it as “Reminder”. InstantMeeting app reminds you with the meeting subject along with an option to “Call” instantaneously.

On the PC world of this appp, you get to call through Skype, Microsoft Office, and Lync. Gunjan Bhow, VP and general manager of New Ventures at Plantronics, says the goal is to ensure employees with VoIP clients and softphones can still take advantage of cheaper rates instead of going directly to their mobile phones and racking up big charges while traveling.


InstantMeeting on iPhone                    InstantMeeting on Android



InstantMeeting BlackBerry

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