TweepsMaps : An excellent concept to see your brand reach

Name: TweepsMap

Quick Pitch: TweepsMap provides a visual, interactive map of your Twitter followers by country, state or city.

Genius Idea: Measures the effectiveness of Twitter campaigns by analyzing the locations of your followers.

Knowing where your Twitter followers are located can not only feed your curiosity, but it can also help you measure the success of your social campaigns. Here comes, TweepsMap which links to your Twitter account, analyzes your followers and provides a map or chart that shows where they’re located by country, state or city.

The genius app was Launched in October, the tool helps Twitter users learn if their campaign is successful in a targeted region. For example, if your Twitter campaign is targeted toward Delhi, India residents, TweepsMap helps you see how many of your followers are actually located in Delhi, India.

“One of the most important aspects of a campaign is to measure location to see where your followers are and if they are engaged or not,” says Samir Al-Battran, founder of TweepsMap. “TweepsMap helps you learn whether you need to adjust your campaign to reach your targeted audience.”

After authorizing the TweepsMap API, it generates a color-coded map with Twitter birds spread across it to show the number of followers in that specific location — red birds represent the largest number of followers, and yellow represents the second largest number.

Here is the Slide show which explains the step by step way of activating TweepsMap.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “TweepsMaps : An excellent concept to see your brand reach

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