Google – New App – A failure or a step towards success?


By now you’re probably well aware that Google released their long-awaited Gmail iOS app today, only to unceremoniously yank it from the App Store when people pointed out that it didn’t work. They have simply removed the app while they correct the problem, and that they’re working on a new version to be released soon.

Why don’t they : just keep it. At least for a little while.

We have been seriously waiting years for a native Gmail app, and today for the second time I have been awfully disappointed today (First when I saw the new interface of web Gmail… 😦 ). Even if we set the broken push notifications aside for a moment, the app itself was still… not ‘Google’ types…?

Several people pointed out on Twitter that the app was just a slightly-tweaked version of the Gmail mobile web view that we’ve had been using from ages. Sure, it had some welcome additions, like improved search functionality and the ability to star emails, but it’s still essentially the same old thing.

You can almost forgive the notifications issue — we all make mistakes after all — but what’s with releasing an app that offers little (if any) improvement over what was already available?

Now, I’m sure that Google will fix the problem and issue an fixed version in due time, but what they should really do is put it back in the oven, and leave it in there until it’s better than done. I mean releasing an app without proper QA being done..this is very un-likely of Google…Here is what Google can do OR should do…

  • Fix it! Push notifications: I think this one goes without saying. You can set up your Gmail as a Exchange account to make push work email, but we need a more streamlined solution.
  • Need for speed: One of Gmail’s biggest selling points is that you have so much storage space that you don’t really need to delete emails anymore. But here they should understand this is Mobile…with limited space and features…try scrolling down the mails…you would immediately feel about it being slow…
  • Why don’t you have multiple accounts: I beg to be on minority under this… but I’d seriously argue that there are a fair number of users with multiple accounts. how about using various Google Accounts…with Apps in different situation / Scenarios?
  • Give me some reasons to use it: In short, give us a reason to use it over the web client. This is a chance to really show that Google knows apps and can develop something that’s just as good as their web options….think about this…you have millions of android App running…take a cue from there… 😉

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