Book review – Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson

Steve…Steve Jobs…at an intersection of humanity and Technology…

The moment you start reading the new biography of Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson, you bound to think one thing for sure…What a Man! What an iCon! What an iDea…

This book is with massive pages…656…phew! So it is going to take some time for me to complete it…so far I have gone through 4 chapters…and I must say there is one more reason why I don’t want to complete this book in one go…This book spins such a ‘Reality Distortion’ and an ‘Aura’ around you… that you are forced to say…let the ‘Aura’ be…

Isaacson’s book is studded with moments that make you go “wow.” There’s the Apple flotation, which made the 25-year-old Jobs US$256 million in the days when that was a lot of money. There’s his turnaround of the company after he returned as CEO in 1997: In the previous fiscal year the company lost US$1.04 billion, but he returned it to profit in his first quarter. There’s the launch of the iTunes store: Expected to sell a million songs in six months, it sold a million songs in six days.

Walter makes it very clear that Jobs wasn’t a visionary or even a particularly talented electronic engineer. But he was a businessman of astonishing flair and focus, a marketing genius, and — when he was getting it right, which wasn’t always — had an intuitive sense of what the customer would want before the customer had any idea. He was obsessed with the products, rather than with the money: Happily, as he found, if you get the products right, the money will come.

But with all this there remains a question which if you are reading this must like to know

Why read this book?

Because I want to be a GREAT problem solver…

Because I want to learn to become a better problem solver from one of the best problem solvers’ of this century

I am a HUGE fan of ‘Sir’ Steve Jobs…he ‘is’ a phenomenon…I have been following him from past few years very very closely…going through every keynotes…his way of presentation….his way os talking…everything…I admire in him. He is my idol…my ‘Mentor’…but having known so much about Steve, I still would like to know more…no as if I want to know what happened with Steve and his childhood…but because I want to learn as to whatever happened with him…how that made him the person he was….

So far book has been a great read…and I would love to go over this book…and will write more and more as I get to know…



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