‘Facebook Comments’ Now Being Indexed By Google

Stumble upon this interesting article on how Google is NOW indexing the Facebook comments…a new beginning for Social Media?

Add-on commenting systems like Facebook Comments enhance the user experience, but can make it harder for search engines to index content.  Most third party commenting systems leverage javascript to display information and add bells and whistles.  However, Labnol.org reported that now Facebook Comments are being crawled (and ranking) in Google’s SERPs effectively breaking the mold for third party commenting systems and rankings:

Facebook Comments can be displayed in a few different formats, XFBML (Xtended FaceBook Markup Language) and HTML5.  While the report references that Google is crawling comments embedded in an iframe, that specific functionality has been  is no longer supported for Facebook comments.We performed some tests and can confirm that many of the comments are in fact showing up for articles.  Here’s a search for a comment on the Raven blog that uses an XFBML implementation of Facebook Comments: 

So look for Facebook Comments showing up in Google results.

Read here complete article…


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