Increase your Productivity….16 easy ways…

If you ever wanted to know what it is about to be as productive as possible, here are few of the brilliant tips from 16 Tips to Simplify Your Life (and Increase Your Productivity) and here is my list after customization.

1. ……I have no idea what to write here

2. ……I have no idea what to write here

3. Start your day with exercise. (Hmmm, I have not been doing this…)

4. Plan your day ahead. Spend at least 10 minutes on planning the day and 10 more minutes on reviewing the previous day. Make your notes and observations. ( 10 minutes, this is too much for me to even spend..thinking is such a waste of time…)

5. Make sure to plan a decent holiday break once a year. (I find it should be at least 10 days for it to become truly regenerative.) (Ah ha…this is what Priya has been telling me…but…

6. Learn to protect your time. The data says workers are interrupted every 11 minutes. Distractions destroy productivity and complicate your life.

7. Make a list of ever growing quotes that have the power to change the way you think. Hang a few of these at your desk. Change them regularly…(Isn’t it a waste of time…lolzzz)

8. Start and track Projects(small and big) that fuel thinking. Share them with the team and be an example. (Hunh)

9. Capture the knowledge you gain and share it with the team. Take Feedback. Collaboration can make wonders. (Hmmm, this is what I have been doing learning from others…I don’t know how much people learn from me…)

10. Build the team spirit with the help of the team and help them in becoming more productive by sharing the knowledge.

11. Have your visions clearly defined.Have more focus! (Now what is this VISION?)

12. Post Everyday. (Ask me 🙂 )

I will get back to you guys after one month…to give you s hindsight as to where I am…

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One thought on “Increase your Productivity….16 easy ways…

  1. Start your day with exercise… and coffee. That should have been number one. If you do ten jumping jacks in the living room does that count? I’m working on the exercise but do a lot of the other tips you mentioned. I’ve started working on one thing per week and have had amazing results. It’s at least quadrupled my productivity.

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