Rediff Bol – an Indian Twitter-avataar – #Fail

Rediff has launched a twitter-like product called Zarabol that works just like Twitter. That is, you share your updates (140 chars), follow people and topics (#hashtags).

 First question : Is this an innovation : NO WAY

Do we need this : NO WAY

Point of having such products:  Mere a sweet coincidence that Rediff earlier had an IM product called Bol (which was inspired by Yahoo/ICQ chat service) and Zarabol is ofcourse, inspired from Twitter – i.e. move along with the times. Hunh!



Rediff is not a site anymore for content user…it is becoming more like a yummy – dishy site to provide dirty pictures ( ; ) (like Bigg Boss5, Vidya Balan’s Photos (Dirty Picture), etc. and the list goes on) – which helps the site with a lot of SEO.

A Twitter clone?: Well, there are some additions, such as the ability to follow a buzzing topic. Also, conversations are displayed like threads together, which is good. The streams are divided into ‘All’ and ‘Me+I Follow’, displaying messages posted by everyone and messages posted by the user alone and the people or buzzing topics that he follows.It also truncates links to a URL, when a link is posted, however, it is rubbish…I am already logged in and it asks my uid and pwd to post the ‘Tweet’ (Sorry Twitter).

 This is pathetic…and it hasn’t signed me in, till the time of writing, Eeeeee…. come on rediff…do some diff….





Vakow Acquisition & Write-Off: Rediff had also acquired a Twitter-like SMS based social site in 2008, investing $125,000. Which eventually was turned down…

Sorry guys, can not review it further…IT JUST DOES NOT WORK…#FAIL.

I know its a product, with hard work in it…but..sorry folks…



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