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Today in my product review segment, we are going to talk about Kartzilla – almost a new kid on the block. A lightning fast and cutting edge comparison-shopping engine, claims to provide the cheapest prices on over hundreds of different kinds of mobiles, than any other website on the Internet. In the coming months, the company has plans to launch a plethora of features including real-time chat with other shoppers and store-owners.

The Concept and tech Advisor on the board of company said today that the team is working hard to bring Usability an utmost in this business. He further said that the company wants to offer users the widest variety of products, and deals.

Let’s do an in-depth analysis of KartZilla. Here we will be reviewing this e-commerce sites with various parameters. The parameters which we are talking about are:


Web users form first impressions of web pages in as little as 50 milliseconds (1/20th of a second), according to Canadian researchers. In the blink of an eye, web surfers make nearly instantaneous judgments of a web site’s “visual appeal.” Let’s see where Katzilla scores in the following:

URL : Though the name is almost unique Kartzilla, probably taken from Cart+Zilla…but didn’t understand the concept of Zilla in this…but still due to this unique impression, we give 3 on 5.

Download time – size of home page : Pretty fast…I must say…even though the site does have quite a bit of significant images, but load time is quite good. This pas tested with a very slow dial-up connection…Yes we do use dial-ups too :). 4 out of 5.

Look and feel – readability – Since this is an e-commerce site, hence rather than having content as significant decider, I would go for look and feel of the site…well 3 on 5…slightly disappointed with layout, use of font and the product scroll which should go left to right and not from top to bottom…as a natural eye would tend to look for information which goes from your left towards right…since we are taught to read in the same fashion too…so our mental model of any product is bound to behave and expect the same behavior.

Home page on one screen (above the fold) – 3 on 5. Too much of scroll for me. Had the content been there, I would have had love to scroll, but the way available content is being lined up, not so intuitive…sorry folks…

Unique Selling Point (USP) or Value Proposition : Well…I am slightly confused…the USP any e-commerce site are the offers, latest offerings or wow factors like Free shipping and other such wavers…looking at Kartzilla…(Currently the KarvaChauth Offer) the USP does not seem to be that appealing…it is not up to the time when you are almost done with your checkout…this is where they say that we provide free shipping, come on guys, you got such a massive USP…and you are hiding it under the coffins...3 out of 5, this is only because of ‘Deal of the day’ which is though hidden around the corner of your eye…but a good way to go…

Feeling of wanting more – depth of site : Not much, this is where we have features like ‘You may also like’, which forces buyers to go for an impulse buying…a MUST for e-commerce website’s success. 2 on 5

Contact details: Pretty simple and hence 4 on 5

Statement from management : Well under About Us….this is the ony place where you see something from management…but again this is far too technical…not properly formatted, very less visually appealing…2 on 5

 Available score :40 Total score: 24 – Above average


Ease of use : 4 on 5…

After Login : 0 on 5 : Why in this world you will ask me to go to dashboard? You must be kidding me…

Return to Home Page from any page : 3 on 5…I would have had given it 5 on 5 but it makes it slightly less intuitive and almost force user to click on KartZilla icon to go to home page…

Internal search engine : 2 on 5…the search is effective, issue is they do not have proper rendering of the items…they don’t even have proper filter criteria to make it easy to search…hence where they could have had scored good on organic search they failed on UI. 

Internal links : 5 on 5 – none

Broken links : 5 on 5 – none

Text as well as graphic links (ALT tags) : 5 on 5 – perfect use of Alt tags…

Navigational links visible :  3 on 5

 Available score :35 Total score: 27 – Above average


Competitions : Well, they do have lot of competition…but this is where they win…best prices available under the single roof…5 on 5

Special offers: Loads of available offers…sort of a USP, but not much impact due to poor UI. 3 on 5

Freebies : Free home delivery….an excellent USP, but again not mentioned as wow factor…so 3 on 5

Newsletter : They do mention, but I didn’t get any…2 on 5

Available score :20 Total score: 13 – Above average


Internet Explorer (7-9) :  5 on 5

Mozilla (3-6) 5 on 5

Mac 5 on 5

Resizeability  5 on 5

Available score :20 Total score: 20 – Perfect


Robustness/reliability of the site : 4 on 5 quite good so far…site hasn’t hanged…has been quite fast, no cache issue…load time being perfect.

Clicks to completion : 2 on 5…too much of effort…I wish they improve on usability to make sure user have to do less clicks to complete orders…

Acknowledge order/request : Good…4 on 5

Order/request tracking online : Pretty good – you do get an efficient way of tracking your orders, which is an essential for e-commerce website.

On the same lines, had a discussion with Ashish Gupta – Advisory for KartZilla, on technology and concept.

After keeping these analysis in front of the concerned people, he was quick to respond back by saying, “We have been working on improving the user friendliness of the website. We are aware of few glitches which we have been working towards to get a quick fix.” Which is good, and upfront confession from someone who gives utmost importance to Usability, and User first.


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