Product Innovations…that makes you say Ah-ha…Wow!

These are the products which you use in your daily life, every now and then, and somehow you don’t even realize how they have revolutionized the idea of being a product….we call this innovation…have a look at it:

You are bound to think while using these products as to why, why in this world someone never ever used or think the same way? This is so very common, but folks this is why we say ‘Common sense is not so common’.

1) Hotel check-in self service kiosks that also allow users to print boarding passes for flights. I got to know about one of our customer who visited us just and shared his experience when he checked in first time at Hilton New York and I was so pleased to hear that…and this is so very interesting to know that how much importance it is for you as a customer who in rush hour forgets to take the printouts of the boarding passes…

2) Ketchup bottles that sit upside down so that it is easy to dispense ketchup. Again, this now appears on toothpastes, body washes etc. I mean wow!, wow! and wow! how in this world you did not think of this issues more often…

Ketchup bottle

3) I am always been confused whenever I stayed in Hotels is US, I mean to use the shower was so very painful experience for me…which way to turn the knob, how much to turn the knob…phew…this is where the experience in making ‘Mental Model’ of the product make it so very helpful…Don’t let me THINK.

You can fill in many features with in a product but you should not do this at a cost where your customer is finding it hard to even reach out to the basic features of the product….

Industrial designers have mastered the art of ethnography, software industry is way behind. When it comes to software, it is very easy for us to say “user error” or classify the user as an incompetent user. This has to change and I am positive it will.

You do not have to invent another “ipod” like product to innovate. After all, there are more evolutionary product innovations than revolutionary innovations. All one need to do is get out of one’s office and observe real people using your product… Do you?


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