Social Media…what does it take to get noticed – Part 1

Social Media…every one is invited, but what actually it takes to be and get noticed here?

  • Audience Generation
  • Social Media Listening
  • Community and Social Responsibility
  • Content Coordination
  • Internal community engagement and response
  • Overall Management
  • Customer Service
  • Brand advocacy
  • The humanization of Brands

so much of buzz words…what do they mean, how can we get notice, how my brand can make a difference?

As someone puts it:

Social Media isn’t a speech, it is a conversation…

Let’s see each and every aspect of Social media one by one…

Audience Identification:

If you know who your audience is, You’re already one step ahead of game. The next step is to find out as to how and where they are engaging…and interacting online:

  • What Platform are they using?
  • What are they talking about?
  • Who is popular?
  • What brands have they publicly condemned?
  • What brands have they publicly lauded?
  • What audiences demand particular attention?
Platform development and design
Now, once you are done with identifying your audience and figured out  where you should be connecting them online, its time to start thinking about developing your different profiles or building applications that users can spread throughout their communities.
Remember designing “aesthetically-pleasing” and “cool” are not strategies…

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