Twitter use for Business

21 Sep
  1. Improve brand awareness
  2. Manage company/blog/business brand
  3. Correct the course of conversation
  4. Unveil a cutting-edge feature
  5. Track consumer feedback
  6. Ability to directly engage with customers one-on-one
  7. Post an inquiry for assistance or referral
  8. Access to industry news and trends
  9. To engage in virtual collective thinking for business growth
  10. To brainstorm business ideas, solve pressing problems
  11. To allows employees to quickly and efficiently address issues
  12. Monitor customer dissatisfaction and quickly rectify the problem
  13. to proactively post useful information and updates to customers
  14. Launching word-of-mouth campaigns
  15. To indicate limited-time offers and broadcast special promotions
  16. send reminders to each other about meetings, contacts, leads etc
  17. Tweet followers about daily details of product development process
  18. Casually interaction with customers
  19. Post questions about products for answers
  20. Conduct surveys and polls
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