How to Achieve Predictability

Make it intuitive

It is critical to remember that predictability is about the ability of customers to foresee the future course of events as they interact with a company. It’s more than merely being consistent.

Some companies attempt to resolve this by educating customers about how their internal processes work. But this tactic is a poor fix because they’re just trying to get customers to think like them. The correct solution is to understand what customers expect and then align internal practices with that. When customers experience this, they often report that the experience felt “intuitive” and went exactly as they had hoped.

The best way to understand the predictability is to understand the Mental model of the customer. This mental model is something, which a customer expects your product to behave in a specific pattern. If you ever want to improve predictability you need to understand why customers call customer service or go online for help, as these are instances where their mental models don’t match the product or service model—in other words, they can not predict how the thing works.

Analyzing service calls or online forums and bringing the issues to the development team is one way to start putting predictability back into the user experience.

And I guess this is where DoCoMo has done a great job. They introduced the notion of one touch customer care and quite a bit intuitive plans.

Plantronics InstantMeeting does a great job in understanding the mental of consumer. Have a look at this amazing video

This is absolutely what most of the people suffer, and as their VP, GM Gunjan Bhow puts it: Its a one click solution to all your conference problems. For more on InstantMeeting please visit:


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