Some interesting observations

Assuming that there is a link between economic outlook and price sensitivity, the key takeaways for digital marketers are that when marketing to consumers between the ages of 18 and 49, deep price discounts are less important than when marketing to consumers over the age of 50.

This makes sense as it has direct correlation with buying habits…the impulsive buying habits v/s the thoughtful approach towards buying. It is quite reasonable too if you are coming up with discounts for the consumer of the age group over 50. This also gets highlighted due to the level of financial stability and independence.

A better understanding of customers and how their economic viewpoint changes over time is only the first step to becoming a well-informed digital marketer.

  • Group buying has reached mainstream adoption:

According to Experian Hitwise Demographics for the four weeks ending Jan. 29, 2011, the largest age-bin for visitors to are those Internet users over the age of 55 (37.5 percent).

This is in direct relation with purchasing habits. The more secured and thoughtful approach towards purchasing makes it reasonable for people of this age group to do a group buying.

  • Email is the driving force behind group buying:

While group coupon sites have often been characterized as the Web 2.0 of online shopping, social networking sites are not the driving force fueling their growth; that distinction belongs to email.

In analyzing the upstream traffic to a Website, or a category of sites, it is possible to visualize the “tipping point” of that site or category by looking at visits from social networks versus visits from another source such as search or Web-based email services.

During the very early phases of social buying, back in November 2009, visits to group coupon sites came predominately from social networks (49 percent) versus email (9 percent).

By the summer of 2010, social buying sites experienced a tipping point in source traffic, with email services assuming the role of traffic leader. Since most group coupon offers are driven by a daily deal delivered to consumers’ inboxes, the fact that email services account for more than 17 percent of traffic to the category is not surprising.




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